Whats up everyone! So every year we've been running Hubbable down in Boston for you to all go ape on all of our bricks and such. Basically mad people can't get to Boston cause of work/cashflow/etc so the vangaurdians and myself brainstormed a little PRE Hub mashup extravagnza to cater to all yall too far/tied up for Hub. Theres so many dope spots to do such big ass shit in NYC so we better god damn rep the nature of Hub hard. We still figuring out alot, but we have plenty of time to make this dope. As always forward all your food/meal prep desries to Ishakamusa Sha Mualimm-Ak and he'll make sure each and everyone of you is taken care of. 
~ Dylan "Dylan" Polin


Jam Itinerary (to be continously updated)

10am - Jam reception at Hamilton Fish Park
1pm- Potential breakout groups to Tompkins, Scoops, etc
4pm- General Food Break as group or individuals
6pm- Start traveling to Brooklyn Zoo Parkour Gym
7pm-10pm - Gym session

10am- Breakfast
11am- Workshops at Heckscher playground
1pm- Breakout groups to various playgrounds in central park, Sanctuary, or East 35th and 1st ave spots
5pm- Trick and Chill session in Central Park.
7pm- Jam ends!

*Side missions and contests to be announced!

*There will be a number of jam hosts who's info will be below soon, in case you need directions in the city, need to catch up with the group, ect. In the mean time direct any pre-jam questions/concerns/ideas to myself or any of the other hosts. 

Sha Mualimm-Ak
929 364 9673