• sailors and soldiers (map)
  • 160 Riverside Dr
  • New York, NY, 10024
  • United States


Parkour was originally developed as a way to train one's ability to move in an emergency situation. In that spirit, this special 2-hr workshop will focus on improving your ability to reach and escape as well as disengage and evade. These real-life skills can be applied to winning a game of tag, climbing your fire escape, or surviving the zombie apocolypse. 

We’ll be using stress and speed trials, object manipulation, and breath control to increase your speed, self-awareness, and confidence in higher intensity scenarios.

Tickets are $35. Book here: https://themovementcreative.frontdeskhq.com/events/1320941

Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Riverside Park

Elet Hall coaches parkour and survival skills and has been training for 9+ years. He is a 4-time American Ninja Warrior contestant and Northeast Regional Champion. He is passionate about coaching and training mobility and awareness to improve functional movement. See him in action:https://youtu.be/cXh7yqVWNZA

Max Henry has been coaching parkour for 5+ years with a focus on power development and functional movement. He has traveled and trained internationally and has an academic diligence to his technique development. See him in action: https://youtu.be/QecHFSGozlw