• Brooklyn Zoo NY (map)
  • 230 Bogart Street
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11206
  • United States

$40 for 3 Hours!
$30 Full/$15 Health for only one workshop.
$5 dollar open gym after for workshop participants!

+1 Full:
This workshop is designed for the development of awareness when it comes to flipping and twisting, including conceptual information that when applied to training can permanently increase overall proprioception specifically with flips. This workshop is designed to create a system of troubleshooting so that anyone who takes it will be fully equipped with knowledge that will allow them to safely and confidently progress towards learning any acrobatic skill involving a flip or twist. It will cover in depth technique analysis on websters, b twists, a twists, corks, back fulls, front fulls, any single double or triple twisting skill + variations. 

+1 Health:
Come to get a better understanding of your body so that you can train more often, and be injured less! Learn Parkour-specific mobility drills such as utilizing railings as outdoor warm-up/cool-down tools for self-massage; how to train while recovering from an injury; and ways to prevent Jumper's Knee Pain, shoulder pain from swinging and climbing, and ankle impingement.

Brooklyn Zoo Members Get in Free!

Cordelia Storm:
Cordelia is a parkour, strength training, and mobility coach. She's been coaching for over half a decade and training for almost a decade. She now coaches online writing programs for clients in parkour, strength training and recovery, diet, and mindset. 

Christopher Hollingsworth:
Christopher has been training parkour and freerunning for 12 years and coaching for 8. He's spent a large part of his career as a freerunner dissecting and analyzing twisting and flipping skills. He was one of the first athletes in the world to land Triple-ABC's (Triple A-Twist, Triple B-Twist, and Triple Cork) outside.